"Let Your Prettify Be More Gorgeouser Than Their Prettify"

Founded on the love of scents and creativity. Our candles are heavenly scented, luxury crafted & designed with you in mind.

Why Choose Us?

Aromatic Designer Works Inc. is a scented product warehouse of candles, soaps, lotions, air fresheners, body washes, bubble baths, shower gels and other essential body and home products.

Aromatic Designer Works Inc. was founded on the love of making products with fragrances, making great products that everyone can enjoy, home aesthetics, aromatherapy, and knowing our clients will enjoy the experience and performance of the products we offer. Our products are designed for you, with you in mind.

Aromatic Designer Works Inc.’s main products are our scented candles. We offer a large array of gel and wax candles to illuminate and aromatize your environment and add flare, luxury and elegance to your space.

Our candles are hand made and crafted in the USA with premium grade patented high performing raw materials. Our gel candles are made with patented Penreco Versagel and premium high quality fragrances, coloring and wicks. Our candles are also tested for safety.

Penreco Versagel is one of the new technologies of the candle world. It burns five times longer than wax candles, it burns cleaner and as for aesthetics, it’s the Crème de la Crème of candles.

Our gel candles however are next to none. With almost twenty years of experience in candle making we are delighted to present our gel candles. We have mastered the process of hand made gel candle manufacturing. Our gel candles are not only candles they are very versatile and boast many features.

Our candles are multifunctional; they are premium gel candles made with superb care and attention to detail. Our wicks are smoke and lead free, our fragrances are of premium quality and basically hypoallergenic and our containers are already attractive and the candles are made with beautifully embedded designs.

Our candles are not only candles, they also perform as air fresheners and decorative pieces. While being burnt the whole candle illuminates and cast relaxing reflections from the bubbles that are part of the design. The hot scent throw is amazing and radiates throughout your space. When not being burnt the cold scent throw is also delightful and makes it’s way to aromatize your space. Most candles either have a great hot or cold scent throw. Many candle makers offer candles that have one or the other hardly both. We have been able to provide amazing scent throw from both hot and cold states of the candle.

Our candles are true luxury candles, and we are able to offer them at price points that are affordable. We have the only candles you can truly appreciate because you get bangs for your bucks for a high performing product that is new age technology. Allow us to illuminate and aromatize your world.